Go and See Tour 2014

Electric car goes on Europe tour

From Prague to Newcastle: RWE employee Tim has driven a Tesla S electric car some 3,000 kilometres across the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK in just 13 days. Find out in the tour blog what he experienced along the way.

Find out how what Tim experienced on his trip: go to the tour blog here!

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The tour at a glance

Total distance: 3,000 kilometres
Duration: 13 days (14 to 26 July)
Countries: Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK

At the very heart of this exercise was the Tesla S vehicle. With a range of 430 kilometres it is ideally suited to such a two-week round trip. In 13 stages it travelled right across the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, over the English Channel to Dover and then up to Newcastle. RWE was breaking new ground with this venture. “The Go & See Tour focuses on the curiosity and spirit of discovery that are so important to energy issues and topics of the future. At the same time, by covering 3,000 kilometres this represents a supreme practical trial for electric mobility on a European scale. You could even call it the Tour de France of electric mobility,” commented Arndt Neuhaus, CEO of RWE Retail, before the tour got underway.

The tour was organised by the employees of various companies belonging to the RWE Group. Having set off from the RWE headquarters in Prague, the tour proceeded to Freiberg in eastern Germany. Here the RWE subsidiary enviaM presented an energy self-sufficient house. Stop three was Kelsterbach, where on the former Enka site a showpiece project for the switch to renewables has been launched. It consists of 180 terraced houses which are being supplied with power almost self-sufficiently by means of a CHP unit, a PV system and energy storage. The RWE subsidiary Süwag is participating in this project.

Further German stages of the tour included Smart Country in the Eifel region, the pilot project for an intelligent distribution network, and AmpaCity in Essen. This is where RWE put a one-kilometre superconductor cable – the world’s longest – into operation this year. Shortly before passing the Dutch border Tim stopped at the Kita Haren pilot project. The municipal Marienkindergarten has been transformed by RWE Deutschland and the Dutch University of Twente into an ultramodern, intelligent energy storage system. In the Netherlands the Tesla vehicle then called in at the stadium of Groningen football club. The 1miljoenwatt foundation, RWE subsidiary Essent and FC Groningen have installed a solar plant on the stadium’s roof through crowdfunding.

A further stop was made at the RWE office in Brussels, from where the European switch to renewables is being coordinated. In the UK the Tesla vehicle met up with other electric cars belonging to British RWE subsidiary npower. It then travelled with them in convoy through England’s West Midlands before finally reaching Newcastle.

Find out how what Tim experienced on his trip: go to the tour blog here!




Image: RWE
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